INDIKA! The Show…
Every land has a story.
INDIKA is a spectacular theatrical show that brings to life the story of one land, through dance and drama, storytelling and song.
From its innocent beginnings in the Indus valley 5 thousand years ago to the present day,
meeting it’s kings and queens, witnessing wars and peace, and its struggle for freedom along the way, the joyous production takes you on a journey through a whirlwind of colours and an abundance of energy , through poetical movements to a hauntingly beautiful score.

Act 1
Show intro
1. The Age of Innocence
2. The Dawn of Knowledge
3. South meets north
4. The Lessons of war
5. The Golden age
6. Pride & Honour – The warrior Queen
7. Taj …A tale of love
8. Raging Hearts – The power of nonviolence

Act 2
9. The first day of freedom
10. Borders drawn in blood
11. Where the old meets new
12. Only here…
13. A heart’s cry – We shall overcome
14. The dance of hope
15. The Finale – Curtain Call
16. Party Indian style…